Sunday, 15 August 2010

Snap On Sunday: C413 HJN LIVES ON!

My fears of never finding the 2 remaining Torpoint Leyland Olympians have been banished today after finding this while searching through the arcives on the internet. This very pleassing news read:

"On the wayhome, as I stormed up the M6 from Knutsford to Warrington, I passed C413HJN. This was in adapted First livery, with the pink bits
over-painted black, and appeared to be in private ownership (possibly a
dance troupe)."

This was written on the 13th June 2010 so great news that she is still at work giving great service. Of course I have reported on here before that she had been sold to a Dance Troupe but this gives us a much better foundation on which to track her down in the future. As to C412 HJN her fate is still not totally clear, though it does make it much more likely that she was indeed sold onto another Dance Troupe in Crewe. 

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