Wednesday 6 February 2013

M-ore M-ercedes!

As promised, and with many thanks to Aaron Fellowes and Tom Pearce, I'm able to bring you news of the latest addition to A-Line's fleet, replacing the ill fated R651 YCR after Wednesday's incident. 

Mercedes 811D M242 VYA has certainly done the rounds, and quite locally too, after being new to Southern National, passing later to Carmel Coaches and Hill's of Stibbs Cross, from which she was collected from on Sunday. It must be said, for M242's 1995 vintage, she looks very tidy indeed, particularly when you have a look at her very fresh looking appearance within the passenger saloon. The somewhat less common 33 seat Wright bodywork looks very straight as well, so she certainly appears to have been a sound buy, though of course, only time will tell whether she can prove herself in service. Although a small step down from R651 YCR's dual purpose seating, the extra capacity will undoubtedly be welcome on the busier peak journeys, particularly on the school service that M242 is intended to be used on, during her rotas on the 80B (80A is now discontinued). I certainly look forward to a trip aboard her come Easter time - let's just hope no other objects decide to land on any other vehicles!