Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New plant pots in Cremyll

Now who's bright idea was this? The whole bay is/used to be completely designated as a bus turning bay. Though since the bay was re-tarmacted a lot has changed for the worse. Benches have been put up in arquard places reducing the bay by about 20% in size meaning that a Trident has to undertake a reversing monoveur to do a 180 degree turn. These plant pots have now been stupidly places across a good 25% if not more of the space left. It is not un-common for 2 if not 3 buses to use at the bay at once and its causing havoc at peak times. First and A-Line often group together at the bay. In the mornings the Volvo B10M coach has to share the bay with a Trident, this will cause major problems when the schools start. Touring coaches also use the bay and this really did cause problems for A-Line and First on their first day of being placed there. Why this wasn't re-marked as a bus bay I really don't know, but when the 'casual parkers' end up parking in some silly place, god know whats going to happen!

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