Friday 19 April 2013

Across the Country - Bus

It was quite a surprise to see a familiar looking blue and white liveried vehicle residing in the corner of Waterloo Depot - the home of the Centrebus owned Huddersfield Bus Company, as I whisked by on my daily commute into University on Thursday. It was certainly one of those situations where you had to double take to make sure you were correct in registering that the vehicle was indeed not in the usual orange livery! But indeed I was correct; emblazoned down the side was the Country Bus fleetname, along with its Newton Abbot telephone code. YX54 HBB, Country Bus' only DAF SB120, and indeed, about the only SB120 in the whole of the South West, was unfortunate enough to be involved in an RTA, and suffered considerable frontal damage. Despite only being around 8 years old, and having only been in the Country Bus fleet for less than 2 years, it seems that it wasn't economical for Country Bus to repair, and hence has been sold on to Centrebus. Fellow Centrebus owned company, K-Line, operate quite a number of SB120s within Huddersfield so it seems logical that YX54 HBB has been acquired either for spares for the sizeable fleet, or possibly even to repair and add her to the collection; only time will tell as to her eventual fate. Nice to see something local though since the withdrawal of R460 CCV by First!