Thursday, 5 August 2010

Olympian Allocations

After reading through the FDC fleetlist that was given out at the Plymouth Hoe Rally a couple of weekends ago I stumbled across something, lets say un-expected. I've always called K801-4 ORL the 'Torpoint' Volvo Olympians. According to the fleetlist this is not so. Though they are all of course converted for use on the Torpoint Ferry this is not the case with the depot allocations. In fact no 2 of the batch are allocated to the same depot. The allocations are as follows:

K801 ORL - Torpoint
K802 ORL - Plymouth
K803 ORL - Tavistock
K804 ORL - Dartmouth

Indeed to prove the point K802 ORL was actually seen out working 3s yesterday. Though this is unusual this is actually correct. K801 was indeed working Torpoint journeys that day. As to Tavistock's allocation of K803 I've personally never seen her out on Tavi routes. But indeed I have seen K804 on 93s on the odd occasion. Talking of the 93 an Optare Solo was operating it yesterday in place of the normal Trident. I presume this was one that is usually used to operate the Dartmouth town service, but had escaped onto the 93 due to a bus shortage. 

It does make sense in some ways seeing that on on the so called 'Bus Graph' only one Olympian is needed for daily operation at Torpoint. Though that does mean that all 3 Darts and 5 Tridents also have to be avalible to work on that given day. True though that 32762 joins the 5 original Tridents for Torpoint leaving a spare Trident, though is generally allocated to Plymouth for X80 workings. Amazing what you can find in the 'small print'. 


Mike said...

One of them (can't remember which one)was on the 928 Callington - Truro College service, which operates from Tavistock depot, a few weeks ago. This service seems to be operated by K614LAE most of the time but have seen K---ORL's and T---LLC's occasionally.

Anonymous said...

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