Saturday, 7 August 2010

Pacer Penetrates Plymouth

That's right, the photo does indeed show a Class 142 in the bay Platform at Plymouth station today. The unit in question was 142009. This was taken around 4ish. I couldn't tell you what this would have been used on if I'm honest. Of course it would be some service from Exeter to Plymouth, but why it was used I really don't know! Especially with the recent influx of extra 150s it does seem quite strange. Though no doubt this would have been an interesting trip up Rattery Bank and the various other inclines between Totnes and Plymouth, a real challenge for the 142!


Anonymous said...

That takes me back to the chocolate and cream liveried "skipper" units that were around in the mid 1980's. Not sure why they did not last long, probably just unsuitable for the terrain

Anonymous said...

The pacers were removed from this part of the world not because of the gradients but due to the tight curves on the branch lines of Devon and Cornwall. Because they only have 2 wheel bogies instead of 4 they would really squeel!!
Hence they went up north.