Saturday, 21 August 2010

Dawlish Air Show

Well the Dawlish Air Show always throws up some interesting news. This can incorporate 3 transport types. Of course planes, but also trains and buses/coaches in the area. 

So that's why I shall start this drip feed of stories by posting this photo of Class 159, 159003. No this is not a photo last year. In fact this was a FGW hire in for extra capacity. The 159 was operating Paignton to Cardiff Central. This is usually operated by a Class 67 set but 2 were being used on the Newton Abbot to Exeter shuttle services. So the 159 was borrowed to run this service. I must admit its strange how I missed seeing these around East of Exeter and was actually quite a treat to see it operating again, albeit for just one day. 

Further news as well as other stories will start to be drip fed to you likely on a 2 day basis from Monday onwards. I'm off on holiday for 10 days so I'll write some stories in advanced and fingers crossed they should publish themselves automatically over the 10 days. 

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Anonymous said...

I never attended the Airshow. So, I'm looking forward to it for my next stay at Dawlish holiday cottages. It would definitely be a blast.