Friday, 20 August 2010

Ilfracombe Depot Fire

With thanks to David Sheppard and Nigel Dennis I can tell you that the now dis-used depot at Ilfracombe situated next to the bus station caught fire this afternoon around 6pm. It is thought to be an arrsonist attack in which there has been a string of events over the past weeks and months in the area. Naturally the surrounding area was cornered off because of several hazardous materials and liquids that may have been left in the depot after closeur.

Of course many of you will remember the final day when OTA 290G travelled up to work some the last serve ices from the depot before the operations transferred to Barnstaple. The building was then simply left in a fairly original state. The whole complex has been crying out for renovation so maybe this may kick start the process. Such a shame though to see a true Western National building detroyed in such a brutal and thoughtless manner.

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