Friday, 13 August 2010

Coming soon...

Hello hello I am back in action. Apologies for the gap in posting but I haven't really been in the house long enough this week to get time to write a blog. So lets do a bit of a catchup!

Firstly I shall start with this photo of a soon to emerge newcomer to the city. This is one of the Ex-Oxford Dennis Darts recently brought down to start to replace the high floor L and M reg Darts at Plymouth Citybus. As you can see R408 FFC is nearing completion and hopefully will move into a bit location to get a better photo. It looks pretty much ready apart from the rear lights yet to be fitted. But that's just the back at the moment. Who knows what really might be going on. On the subject of this there was an interesting story in this months 'Buses' magazine about mid life renovation that I may touch on soon! Will be interesting to see what these 12 year old Darts are made of though. 

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Anonymous said...

There is an Ex-London Citaro Bendy Bus in the depot for Trials this week (as reported by Plymothian Tr) Bus No.453.