Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Class 37... err not quite

It was hoped/rumoured that the driver training exercise from Wales through to Paignton and Plymouth today would be a DRS Class 37 locomotive. Pretty rare to see in working condition these days so there were a few spotters out and about today eagerly awaiting the arrival. Unfortunately though what actually turned up was this rather un-inspiring American Class 66, famed for the 'Yinging' noises it makes while ideling. Indeed it did plenty of that but none of the raw power any of us were hoping for. 

The Cardiff to Paignton service was also seen today with its allocation of Class 67s these being 017 and 029. Strangely passengers still seemed confused boarding this service when they're used to seeing a Pacer or 150 on the service! Some actually were so confused that they did end up waiting for the proceeding service!

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