Saturday, 7 August 2010

Breakdowns past and present

One of FDC's drivers has recently sent me a few photos of various buses he's broken down in over the years to me. 

The first one here was only taken this week and shows K804 ORL in Millbrook. He said the mechanic had tried his hardest to get her going again but in the end, they had to resort to calling out FS Recovery from Plymouth. You may recognise the truck in that this is the same one that towed sister Olympian, K801 ORL through Plymouth last year which I posted on. 

Here we have a breakdown from the past. This time its Mercedes Vario 50301 or S407 GUB as you may prefer to call her. This was the only Vario from Torpoint that didn't pass into preservation and indeed was sold on and was believe to be scrapped. From the look of the photo this looks like it may have been operating a 181, though could well have been somewhere on the 81A (now the 81B). 

And lastly here we have C412 HJN seen here in Crafthole after developing a   water leak. If I remember rightly this was actually bodged using an incorrect pipe from another model of bus until a proper one could be sourced!

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