Friday, 13 August 2010

Death Row at Citybus

Again we will have a look at the fleet changes going on at Plymouth Citybus at the moment. Generally the side of the depot is reserved for the new arrivals waiting to be preped and put into service. Or simply ones that need to be ready to get got out quickly. But over the past week it seems to be looking more like a death row, with many of the older vehicles occupying the space. Generally these vehicles are kept out of the public eye seeing as several are withdrawn, but it makes it much more interesting for us. 

We shall start with one of the faithful old Volvo Citybus' that are starting to fade away from PCB. Indeed  F606GVO and 179 G612OTV were noted on trade plates 'Presumably leaving Plymouth for the last time'. No doubt that G623 OTV will be meeting a similar fate in the not too distant future. Real shame that these fine vehicles will be disappearing from the scene. 

Next I shall go onto a bus I didn't even think existed any more. But this is B176 VDV out in all her glory in a very much withdrawn state. With no blinds inserted any more she has no hope of returning to service. It would be a real shame to see this one go after the 24 years of loyal and dependable service that this bus gave. From front line coach work to school contracts, from private hire to core route work, this bus has done it all. Would be really nice if the Plymouth City Transport group could acquire this one, or any other private preservationist. 

Next - even though its in quite a withdrawn state, R402 FFC is one of the newbies to Citybus. This one looks next in line for the PCB makeover to join 2 sister Darts from Oxford to replace the step entrance Darts before the year ends. 

There were also plenty of Mercedes 709s on show with 4 along the side of the depot today. Some were in a more withdrawn state than others, but very few will likely be returning to service. Hopefully someone may also get their hands on one of these. Some may call them revolutionary, others simply call them a pain, but love them or hate them the minibus era transformed the way services are run today. 

Lastly was this Dart. With research K409 FHJ is/was part of B-Line of Barnsley. The latest photos I could find were taken by Ben Morroll in 2008 so where its been for the past 2 years I really don't know, but that might be the key to why its at PCB. Its been around for the last 3 weeks now though with no movement so we shall see what happens with that. 


Anonymous said...

B176 VDV is supposed to be going to Culdrose in a swap for a Leyland Atlantean. This Atlantean will then into preservation with PCTPG

Anonymous said...

The green Dart has been in Cornwall with Aquarius and was recently sold on Ebay. Don't know if it sold though.

Anonymous said...

Need to update you on Death Row -the Volvo Citybuses are heading to a dealership i dont think ican say which one currently but altogether 19 buses have been purchased for onward sale. This doesnt include 176 however 175 is going to go but some of the volvo citybuses mainly 180 upwards but also 173 and 177/8 are still licensed until the end of the year. not 190 this is earmarked for disposal. 176 is going to culdrose in exchange for Atlantean MCW 214 176 IS owned technically by the preservation group already who are swopping her for the Atlantean. Sadly it was deemed 175/6 had been altered so much from there original appearance they were not worth saving. The dart is owned by a member of the preservation group as well i understand for onward sale.

Anonymous said...

179 has turned up in Bristol - don't know who the new owners are, though.