Thursday, 13 May 2010

Another loss

Its a shame that again I'm having to report a high floor loss to First Devon and Cornwall. 

This time its Olympian, L155 UNS, of course unique to us, she was actually only recently brought back into service after being withdrawn. Though went through a mid-life renovation that saw her return to the road last year, since which she was used on a whole variety of tasks, and was also based down in Cornwall for some months. 

But today, she joins the First Essex fleet along with some of the K-LAE Olympians she has been working alongside recently. L155 was always a very strong bus and its a shame to see this lost from the fleet.  

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Anonymous said...

Yes its a loss but L155 was a pain in the ass to drive, she only had a voith 3 speed box so was useless when she hit a hill.