Sunday, 23 May 2010

Snap on Sunday

This photo - taken some 3 years ago now, shows 32756 on a road that hasn't been served by First for some years now. As you may be able to tell this was taken at Pennycomequick from an 81B, showing the 80 coming off Stuart Road. This was also a time when it wasn't uncommon for two services to be on each ferry and many 81 passengers used to hop onto the 80 instead as it was often that bit quicker than going via Stoke. 

Personal memories, well I always remember looking out for a passing VR at lunchtime on the 80s from DHSB which of course the service went past. More than often it was a Trident though on the odd day I was lucky enough to see one! 

Of course though this 'shorter' service is long gone First have started the 81A offering a shorter trip going straight down Union Street. It would be nice if this diversion was carried out by 81C, reducing the journey time for the longer distance travelling customer. In timetable changes in coming weeks, it is strongly rumoured, if not fact that most if not all 81Cs will now also be serving Crafthole. 81C is already burdened with Great Park and Stoke so increasing the journey time yet again doesn't seem to make a lot of sense! Extended 81s worked well last time this was done, and indeed drivers seemed to prefer this! On runs to Derriford this could mean that the single journey time will be over two hours from Cremyll to Derriford. We'll have to wait and see the publication which I believe is being released next month. 

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