Saturday, 1 May 2010

On the road again

The Ex-Bristol D-GHY batch of open toppers are back on the road once again. A couple have been used on the 1 to Lands End in recent weeks but it was yesterday that saw the first proper operational day of the 300, Penzance, Lands End, St Ives circular tour. 

We by chance joined D705 as we arrived in St Ives just off one of the X reg Darts. Seeing as at the moment the 300s are few and far between with the full timetable not yet running, we did get on this bus and proceeded to spend the next 3 hours aboard it! 

The north Cornish coast is a road I've never actually travelled on, and now I can very much see why it was voted one of the best roads in Britain! Stunning views from the top deck of the bus, (however cold we might have been!) and some lovely tight sections testing driver and bus capabilities. There is of course the famous road up from Sennen Cove, a real test for the machine, and I've got to admit I would have expected the Volvos to do better! I may go as far as saying D705 was actually slower up the hill than a VR! But anyway definitely worth a trip, the Citybus' are quite a treat now. They do have that lovely throaty exhaust note which kept me happy for the 3 hours we were aboard. The duel purpose coach seats are also very comfortable and the bus provided a good ride throughout. Just remember to pick a warm day, and don't sit on the nearside unless your below 5'7! I had many close encounters with trees! 

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