Monday, 3 May 2010

My first trip on an '09' Enviro

On Saturday I managed a quick trip on one of the new '09' reg Enviro 200s which have recently been brought down to the city to be swapped with B7s. 

Of course the buses look very smart from the outside (even though they don't particularly 'stand out' like the B7s do), but what really counts if passenger comfort and for me, these Enviros score pretty low. 

Maybe I was just unfortunate with 44915, but for a start the seats wearn't that comfortable even on my short trip. To add to this seat misery they had also been pretty badly graffitied as is shown in the above photos. Whether this was while the bus has been in Plymouth, or while it was in Glasgow I really don't know, but wasn't great to see on a bus that is only a year old! 

The suspension, as with many of the Enviros was bone-shakingly hard going along Union Street, with a lot of rattling going on. The engine noise was also quite shockingly loud in the saloon, maybe I wouldn't mind if it was a nice noise, but that whistling doesn't do it for me! 

Maybe I was just used to some of the best seeing as I'd been on a Volvo Citybus earlier that day but I've got to admit, I expected better! Hey Glasgow, fancy a swap back? 

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Unknown said...

Glasgow were glad to see shot of them i think, would seriously imagine that sort of damage was caused by Plymouth residents. As a side point to this, while i was up in South Yorkshire, i travelled on a 57 plate Enviro 200 on a route scheduled to operate up the M1 for a section, the words never again spring to mind given the state of that, one of these where you do think never again, especially as there were issues such as the wrong legal lettering on the bus, no ticket machine (although he was using emergency tickets) pieces of paper in windscreen for route number.