Thursday, 27 May 2010

Ex PCB Atlantean

You may have seen the same bus on Plymothian Transit a few weeks ago, but here she is again ODV 203W now operating open top journeys in Wales. Though as well as this being a lovely local Atlantean the other thing I wanted to pick up on was the attitude of the driver. All too often drivers embarrass the company and themselves by making rude gestures or are known to make bold statements to enthusiasts. But here we have an example of the driver being nice to an enthusiast giving him a toot and a thumbs up as he drives past! Fantastic in my books I wish more would adopt this attitude. Some may argue that this could put you off and spoil the photo, which is true and I've been caught out on occasions waving to a driver while trying to take a photo, but this type of gesture I think you'll agree is much more welcome. 

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