Wednesday, 19 May 2010

A-Line line up

Well here E920 EAY replaced with G526 LWU on the overflow service into Millbrook today. The Transit and coach are replacing the Vario at the moment (yes again) but did give a new scene to admire in Cremyll. 

It was also my first trip on the new beast and indeed it looked very good, with a nice interior to match. The ride was very comfortable if anything slightly better than E920. Though where it falls down is in power. She seemed that bit more sluggish with Roger having to rev her that bit more to get a good speed on the hills. No doubt all these years of Wallace Arnold work up and down the motorways caused this! The gearbox was also slightly 'tricky', when compared to E920. But indeed it does represent the company pretty well. 

I was attempted a video I filmed aboard the bus today, but yet again Youtube has failed me! Keep a look out though. 

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