Wednesday, 12 May 2010

H178 GTT on the 34

Right well firstly "Hello!" I'm back. This recent flu has very much had the better of me over the past week, and with exams getting even closer unfortunately the blog had to take a back seat.

So all I can say is over the next sort of 5 weeks the regular service of the blog may be disrupted because of exams, as well as me not even getting out every day because from Friday I'm on study leave!

But enough of me, lets get onto the buses. Well doesn't look like I've missed anything too exciting on the bus front of things over the past week. But on a trip on the 34 today which is always something different I was blessed with this beauty. Now the H-GTTs are always a type I have yearned for a trip on, and finally it came true! 

And my did it live up to expectations, and a lot more! What a fantastic bus H178 is. The interior was still in remarkably good condition, and was amazingly comfortable. The engine was still lovely and 'grunty'. The gearbox made an amazing array of interesting noises compared to your standard gearbox, and gave a very smooth coach like ride down to the ferry. For a bus of this size I was amazed how coach like it felt, I was totally fooled with those seats and the sheer amount of space inside the bus. I will say without even thinking about it, my favourite in the fleet now. This is how they need to be built! 

(I was hoping to do a video but this hasn't quite been successful. Watch this space though!) 

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