Saturday, 29 May 2010

Saturday Sightings

This wasn't a proper jaunt, simply a day out that brought a few interesting snaps. Unfortunately the camera was not on hand, so the phone has been used to bring you these 3 photos.

Firstly here we have Polperro Tram Company's JDR 661F. This little electric powered vehicle travels simply up and down the high street from the main car park down to the main village centre. This must be one of the oldest public service vehicles still in daily use, and was doing a good trade even on this wet day. 

Back in Plymouth for this on, and its Ex-Truronian WK56 ABZ. Unusually she is straying off the usual city routes and onto the lengthy 76 with one of the 'extended' journeys to Launceston. The question here is, is she at home on a country route (the sort of thing she would have done while with Truronian) or is she away from home on city routes. I've travelled on the bus in both types and I must admit 44500 is more suited to the city routes. Especially with this one being fitted with the 'Urban 90' seating it made for a somewhat uncomfortable journey on the 14 from St Ives to Truro last year.

And finally was visitor, SDD 146R, a Leyland Leopard in Black and White coaches livery. This was following another Leyland Leopard which unfortunately was travelling too close being a Volvo B7s to get a good photo of. She was in the Black and White variant of the National Express livery. I presume they may be attending the Par running day tomorrow at Roselyn Coaches. 

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