Monday, 17 May 2010

Saturday Sightings

As afore mentioned, myself, Louis, Stu and Sam chose Dawlish Warren (more specifically Langstone Rock) for our spotting location for the various tours during the day. 

First along was the VSOE being hauled by two class 67s these being 67005 and 67006. These were pulling a rake of Pullman coaches around the south west for the weekend. 

Second and much more interesting was Castle class loco No 5043 'Earl of Mount Edgcumbe' and Hall class ‘4965 'Rood Ashton Hall' as they flew by. This was rumoured to be the Earl's first trip down this far for some 60 years, so caused a lot of interest. I believe that the real Earl of Mount Edgcumbe did come down to meet the train in Plymouth? It was quite a sight though seeing them round the corner though, they were really gunning them! 

As there was a fair old gap between the next two we headed down to Totnes to see D1015 Western Champion, though for this tour was re-numbered D1012, Western Firebrand, along with Class 40, 40145. Though idling through Totnes station they did put the power on for the run up the hill. Strange though that they came through on the Platform road rather than on the pass by line, so were carrying half the speed they would normally. Though it did result in some nice clagging from both engines on exit. 

And well to finish off with, just another Voyager! The sun was shining perfectly for this photo though so I had to add it in. The weather, though dry did vary with cloud cover, making it fairly difficult to get a good shot. As you can see in the photo of the Class 67s, it was timed badly and the sun had disappeared for a few minutes! 

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