Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Another one bites the dust

Apologies firstly for the delay in posting. Exams persist and time is tight! 

But this I felt was really worth posting. Derrick Cuff has found S534 RWP on his travels around the South West, in a scrapyard in Cornwall. All the buses that were stored at the Callington premises have now moved on and we guess that 534 was one of them. 

S534 RWP has always been quite special to me. She often worked the old 4:30 service from Cremyll that I used daily. Indeed she was the last vehicle to perform on this service. As some of you keen people may have noticed in the photo she does indeed display 81B. This photo was taken on the final day of service and was the last trip I ever made on the 81B. I would nearly be as bold to say she was the last Vario to operate the 81B, but the late night services could have been run with a different Vario. So yes just that little bit of history slipping away. 

Ironically sister bus S533 RWP is still hard at work in the First Hants and Dorset empire, though does look quite a state with the FHD livery additions. So this is it, R.I.P 52534


Mike said...

Whereabouts in Callington were the buses stored?

Laurence Mayhew said...

At the old Callington depot which closed at the end of last year. Buses were stored in the depot that weren't needed for service and have now disappeared from the old depot, likely ready for development on the land!

Mike said...

Nothing has been stored at the old Callington depot. It has been empty since the day it closed. For sale sign went up on the fence last week.

Anonymous said...

I think these Varios entered service back in about 1999 with First Midland Red (West)at Worcester. They were originally painted red and cream although the interiors are in the standard First colour scheme. 11 years active service doesn't seem that long, although I suspect they have been worked hard by First Group over these years.

Laurence Mayhew said...

Ohh right thanks for that! I'd been told the depot was being used as a store so thanks for the update.

Indeed they were new to Midland Red in the later half of 1998. One of a batch of 56 S-RWP registered Varios. You are right they have lived a pretty short working life. I suppose they were the last generation of step 'hoppa' type vehicles and with the new regulations immanent they have no place in the industry anymore. It is a shame because as you mentioned these have worked extremely hard over the years. The Varios at Torpoint would work from 7 in the morning until 12-1 the following morning, on harsh Cornish roads. The MPD Darts which replaced them haven't faired so well so far!