Saturday, 26 June 2010

Hot off the press...

So here it is! Western Greyhound's superb summer timetable guides have now been produced and as promised, one of my photos has been included on the cover of one of them. 

It is used on the front of the 547 (the old 501) with a Volvo Olympian at St Ives about to work to Newquay last year. They have been very well made and are a credit to WGL. And I must admit, its amazingly satisfying seeing people carrying round a timetable with your own photo on the cover that hundreds if not thousands will see. 

Didbygraham has also had his photo published on the Plymouth guide showing one of the Ex-Oxford Tridents, and one of the many Varios in Bretonside - a brilliant shot! 

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Anonymous said...

The photo looks great - well done