Sunday, 20 June 2010

JHU bows out

I would love to give you a photo for today's news but unfortunately I can't! You have have realised I've been using phone photos a lot recently. This is simply because the main computer has died so I'm without my collection of some 18'000 photos at the moment. Hopefully this can be rectified or at least the files can be retrieved but for now I'm without them and blogging with as much new stuff as I can come up with.

So onto the actual piece of news, JHU 920X has finally bowed out of service after some 28 years of service. She was new to the Bristol Omnibus company in the summer of 1982 along with 14 sister buses. I am quite sure she is the last 'in service' example from the batch and is such a shame she has now come to the end of her incredible life. A true survivor outlasting so many more modern vehicles, and for an X reg vehicle still to be used on core routes by a multi-national company is quite an achievment. This leaves C414 HJN as the last 'proper' Leyland Olympian still at the depot. Of course there are still some of the H-FLX Cummins examples running, but of course these aren't a shadow on the Gardners. I really do hope that she will be preserved in the coming years and months and though this is a sad moment, we really can apreciate the hard work the bus has done.

This does make you think though. Marc Reddy of course has recently taken over FHD and well all I can say is in this example, are we feeling the wrath of Reddy already in Weymouth?

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