Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ever again?

Look what appeared on on my 34 yesterday! N282 PDV, not on the short working, but the full Derriford to City Centre carrying a proper load of passengers! She roared upto me on the way into Plymouth. I'll admit I was quite excited about it - the girlfriend wondered what all the fuss was about. "Err its a Citybus?". Not just any Citybus though. Unfortunately a Dart was substituted in for the next rotation so must have been an on the spur of the moment thing her being used. I doubt I'll be seeing a 709 on the 34 again so yes I was some what honoured now that they really are on their final legs.

Though somewhat strangely VU52 UEE one of the 'new' Optare Solos was out on the 45, which is often a 709 operated route! The mind baffles. Interesting to note though that even though I doubt many of us would call these top of the range they are being used on the 'top of the range' routes such as the 43. 

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