Friday, 11 June 2010

Mix up

Quite a rare working was seen today over two routes, after a bit of a mix up down at the depot! 

'Route 34' liveried Enviro 200 WA56 HHO was out on 36s which I saw on my way to school this morning. I thought at the time hmm thats a bit strange, but had seen an '08' reg Enviro on the 34 that morning, so thought they just did a bit of a swap around. 

Though later on in the day, what came over the brow of the hill but L124 YOD on the 34! Very rare to see a Steppy on the 34 these days so a quick photo had to be grabbed! No doubt WA56 HHN is off the road again, this particular Enviro has always seemed more unreliable than the rest of the batch, so good to see the Darts can still handle it when needed! 

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