Monday, 21 June 2010

Weymouth update

Well we'll start here with a photo of the now withdrawn - JHU 902X. As afore mentioned service won't be continued with this vehicle and she's now right at the back of Weymouth Depot. As described the registration is removed, stickers attached with no tax disc etc in the window anymore. 

Onto some happier news, the sole remaining VR, MOD 571P may hang on for just a bit longer in service on the 501. E215 BTA - her replacement is currently out of service due to a gearbox issue and therefore the VR will carry on until this has been dealt with. Strange though that usually this is the other way round, with the VR off the road with gearbox issues. Drivers of course don't really know how to use the semi-auto boxes properly and therefore she very much suffers in the hands of the un-educated FHD drivers. I wonder if the VR is fitted with DriveGreen! The other photo is of E215's roof - honest! 

And here of course is my true favourite, C414 HJN. Still giving great service on the core routes as the blind tells. She still powers upto Portland frequently and shows no real signs of giving up, though she was out of service through the simple lack of need on a Sunday rosta!

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