Monday, 14 June 2010

Snap On Sunday

Well we're nearly at the end of the exam season so blogging should resume its normal level in around a week now. 

For the Snap On Sunday I have this photo taken on Saturday of one of Beacon Bus' Optare Versas, this being MX58 ACU. This was my first trip on an Optare Versa so I shall give a brief review of a bus that many of you may not have had a trip on yet. 

Well the easiest thing to compare it to would be the later models of the Dart, and earlier models of the Enviro 200s. The Versa has plenty of power, very useful on the demanding hill across the moor on the 118 route. The interior is very nice a spacious, and its hard to notice the somewhat odd looks from the inside. Though the substantial front overhang did cause some problems when negotiating traffic on the tight rural roads. It would be fine in a normal city situation, but by no means in the country. The ride comfort was very good though with a nice soft ride even on the more bumpy parts of the route. The interior was also nice and comfortable. Though the drawback to this was the gearbox. Unfortunately it was a very jumpy automatic which did seem to make some very strange decisions but overall its no Bristol RE, but was a nice change to an Enviro.  

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