Saturday, 5 June 2010

Enterprise Boat's Leyland Olympian

So here she is! Enterprise Boat's Ex Stagecoach Leyland Olympian, K660 UNH. Of course this has replaced the beloved Bristol VR on the route between Truro and Malpas. I will admit the bus does look very smart and a very tidy vehicle for its age. She still retains the Stagecoach moquette seats throughout along with stagecoach painted poles etc. I suppose yes this is better than a lot of buses on the road today but it is a shame that, at least at the moment, these aren't terribly exciting! Though no doubt in 10 years time much like the VR, we'll be all over this! 


Unknown said...

What is the upstairs headroom height on these?.

What year is this bus 1992 or 1993?.

Laurence Mayhew said...

This one was new in November 1992, but as to the headroom height I'm afraid I have no idea!