Sunday, 11 April 2010

Snap on Sunday

Firstly I apologise for the late running of this blog! I'll admit it was my fault this time, I put the date to the 12th rather than the 11th! 

For the Snap on Sunday this week it was quite a hard decision simply because none of the photos really stood out, and all had their slight imperfections. But I have settled for these two. Both as is quite easy to see were taken at the top of Royal Parade, trying to include the blossom on the tree. That street lamp is surprisingly annoying when it comes to getting picturesque shots on the roundabout. 

So to combat this I went further round the roundabout to this location. The street lamp has gone, but now we face another problem, the dreaded shadow! After this I gave up and went to an 'easier' spot! 

1 comment:

Nick said...

If you think that street lamp is irritating when photographing buses, it manages to create a whole new level of rage when trying to take a decent, clean shot of the bank :(