Friday, 2 April 2010

Blogging and Saturday Events

So there we have it. PTOTPA - for the first time has managed to bring you the news every day for a month. Something really I never thought possible, but putting my mind to it in fact it has come all too easy. Once I got into the 'rhythm' of blogging at a certain time every day the words just fell into place and stories could be delivered to you at 7:00am every morning. Or maybe this is a cover up and March was just an ironically good month for news in the area! I've taken much of my inspiration on this from Omnibuses who do blog every morning. Of course the posts they deliver are of far higher quality, and really there simply isn't the news to be able to write things like that every day in Plymouth. True as you may have noticed on some days I went away from the local scene, simply so I could get the day's post in without missing it! So anyway thanks again for your support to the blog and maybe PTOTPA can give another month of daily blogging through April! 

So to today's news Saturday (tomorrow) is what I'll describe as the first 'proper' railtour of the year, this being a double header with Tangmere and Sir Lamiel on the run down from Bristol to Penzance. Then on the return trip as well as the London to Bristol section will be pulled by D1015 - Western Champion. For anyone who would like to go down and have a look these are the timings published on the website. Not terribly helpful but I may be able to add some more detail if it becomes available! 

London Paddington06:3822:52
Bristol temple Meads09:0220:17


THE CLASS 47 LIST said...

The Exeter Bus Event is to be held on 10th April and not tomorrow.

Laurence Mayhew said...

Ahh whoops quite right! I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here thanks for the correction!