Saturday, 24 April 2010

Blast from the past

Seeing as we're still on the topic of Penzance as well as ferrybuses here are two Ex-Ferrybuses pictured together on the 9th December 2006, of course the last 'official' day of operation of the closed top VR with FDC. As many of you will know, VR operation did actually continue another week where the last VRs worked some Mousehole Park and Ride services if memory serves. 

LFJ 847W hasn't been on the rally circle for a while now, but is still stored at Loddiswell. OTA is also stored at Loddiswell along with LFJ 844W. It would be nice to see the two LFJs return but personally I have no idea when this may be! 


Mike said...

Nice to see 1203 again. I remember my father having a head on collision with a cattle lorry when driving it on a school run around the lanes in the North Hill/Trebartha area approx 20 years ago. It was a wet day, the lorry skidded on mud outside a farm gate and there was nowhere for him to go. My dad found money from his tray on the back seat. The fitters in Plymouth were surprised he climbed out uninjured as they were unable to get into the driving seat.

Anonymous said...

Oi You! 1056 isn't a ferrybus lol ... was never converted

Laurence Mayhew said...

What a great story! Thanks for that Mike. Lucky that she survived then really, I suppose being a fairly new bus at the time they would have wanted to keep her going but still! Thank god your dad was ok anyway. Not something I'd want to go through, being hit by a lorry, especially when you can't do anything.

Really? Have I just got my facts wrong. Some of the OTAs were definately based at Torpoint to run school services,. I thought 1056 was one of them!

Mike said...

Maybe the OTAs were based at Torpoint and were only used locally and didn't use the ferry?