Friday, 9 April 2010

New coach for A-Line!

Some great news to report on is that A-Line have now acquired a new coach, this being G526 LWU. She was formerly Roselyn's KSU 454 (though several buses ran under this registration) and was picked up from Girling's depot yesterday. 

Indeed as its plain to see this coach is a cut above the rest of the fleet. I saw no hints of rust coming through, and the panelwork was dent-less! Amazing to think on a 21 year old coach - though of course Roselyn have always kept their fleet to a very high standard. 

After a bit of research I've found that G526 was just one of a large batch new to Wallace Arnold in 1989. She began life working in Leeds with her 26 sisters based there. Ironically around 20 more from the same batch were based in Paignton. Strangely though it wasn't the Paignton lot that have continued in service and amazingly Western National operated G521 LWU for a while from Plymouth, on longer distance services, including the 76. So she definitely has some local roots, and hopefully she's continue many more happy years in service in the South West.

Unfortunately its not all good news though. The Scania JIL 3755 will likely face the scrap man in the near future. Persisting problems with the fuel bug have forced this decision and though she is lovely mechanically, its no good trying to run an unreliable bus in service! 

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