Thursday, 15 April 2010

More on the Enviros

The presence of the '09' Enviros is now very much being felt on the streets of Plymouth. They've been on all sorts of routes rather than just the newer competition routes, like pictured here with YX09 AGZ on the 3. 

One annoying thing I've found about them though is its half impossible to read the fleet number especially when travelling at speed. They're stuffed right in the corner and are pretty small. But there we go! 

I've yet to have a ride on them, but according to reports I've had they "Go like f***!" 

I have now found out the reason for the B7s being transferred upto Glasgow thanks to Louis Rawlings. From what he's heard the company that used to do a competing service with First Glasgow have "gone bust" and therefore FDC were left to do it all by themselves. This therefore meant the Enviros couldn't cope with the effectively two bus loads and therefore the B7s were drafted in to increase capacity! 

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Unknown said...

McKindless are the company that went bust. There are meant to be some more swaps with B7's and enviro 200's, but from the Bristol area this time.