Thursday, 8 April 2010

Olympians all over!

Torpoint's Olympians were running all over the place yesterday. As picture K801 was on the 48s, running to Wembury, even though they said double deckers won't be used on the 48 any longer! K802 was the only Olympian actually on Torpoint services. K803 was on 93s to Dartmouth, and K804 was idle all day. Fair enough these buses aren't route branded but come on! I want them in Torpoint! K802 was on 3s yesterday out to Barne Barton, really I'll simply say, lucky them! 

Indeed on the subject of this I always used to use the 08:45 service from Cawsand, simply because it was a guaranteed Olympian. Recently though its become yet another Trident operated service and Olympians could be on pretty much anything! 

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