Friday, 16 April 2010

On this day!

Because news is so thin on the ground at the moment I've decided to take a look back and transport you to April 16th 2008, exactly two years ago. Its quite amazing to think how much has changed in this short time, and yet the two years has also flown by! The Olympians were on this day, very much in their prime. I photographed all but C412 on this day two years ago. Though really, it seemed quite rare that all 4 ran in service together on each day! 

This photo is also one I've been reluctant to use. It would have been a pretty nice photo of C413, apart from the fact that we have these pedestrians walking straight through the bus station in areas you 'shouldn't' walk on. Yes I must admit I and many other's do this to take photographs of what's lined up along the wall etc, but simply to walk straight through it all, seems nearly pointless, for the sake of saving 15 odd seconds? 

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