Monday, 26 July 2010

A return to Torpoint..

...for the Mercedes Vario. That's right, here is S515 RWP, 52515, seen here parked up in 'Vario Corner' of Torpoint's Trevol Road Depot. I'd love to be able to tell you why she was there but I can't work it out myself. Two new drivers have just been trained and are now driving at Torpoint (infact one of the newbies can be seen in this photo). I very much doubt they would use S515 on service with its converted seat layout and no destination equipment. Any ideas anyone?


Trev said...

they are probably using it for route training as there are two drivers starting together. It was being used as he depot shunt at Tavistock because the Renault has died again!

Thats the only reason I can give.

Anonymous said...

No the cleaner from plymouth, use it for staff transport

Anonymous said...

Its back in Plymouth today, passed it today going past the China House, on Sutton Road!