Monday, 19 July 2010

New timetables commence!

Here we go the new timetables for Rame have now commenced (well A-Line and Ferry so far). Pictured at the top is the first 17:15 departure. Previously this was the 17:25 so may have caused some confusion for passengers expecting the ferry 10 minutes later. The 'later' 34, the 17:10 from Royal Parade now no longer meets with the ferry. Seems that this is now rendered useless seeing as it only goes as far as the Cremyll Ferry before going off to do a 36. 

The next photo is of the very first 17:30, 80 service to Cawsand. Steve was doing this runs this evening and did comment that the new timetables are very tight. They're do-able, as long as you don't have to stop! Many of the services did run to time but the more popular services such as the 16:30 struggled with many stops and starts along the way. True it is providing a much higher quality service, which is great. But some of the time to communicate with passengers may be lost in the rush to get around the route on time! 

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