Saturday, 17 July 2010

At last!

Finally after a long length of time, I have spotted a Plaxton Elite! And what a beast this one was. A brand new example, this was YN10 FZW of Corporate Coaching. The bus' interior looked very nice from what I could make out. The design is even more stunning in the flesh than in the photos. The livery suited it perfectly. These really are striking coaches. I first saw it while up by the Sun-Dial in Plymouth City Centre while it was going down Royal Parade. Even from this distance it was instantly recognisable and it was a quick dash down to see if I could find it again. Luckily it was on its way back up Royal Parade so I was able to get this quick photo with the phone. It is a shame that these are very expensive coaches. But its very obvious why you would pay the extra money for a real quality coach like this. 

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes if you're at the Bus Station you can even NatEx liveried Elites