Friday, 9 July 2010

Interesting converted camper!

Well for those of you who don't know this is an OBC Omni. Very rare buses nowadays. I've got to admit I didn't know what it was to start with! The closest I got with Cuffy with me at the time was "A funny looking Metrorider". N698 EUG - believe it or not, does offer disabled access using rear doors. This is a fully manual vehicle despite its quite crisp modern design. The driving position is unusually high up as you may have noticed, I guess this was for easier sight over the larger than average front end. I have looked but I can find no history whatsoever for this vehicle. If anyone has any ideas then let us know!


Anonymous said...

New to Leeds City Council

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a Metrorider, it is a CVE Omni, one of the first low floor wheelchair accesible vehicles.

Chevvy Eaton said...

does anyone know of the engine/gearbox make of these Omni ? we have one and needs parts - willing to swap photos for info :)