Wednesday, 14 July 2010

New timetables for Rame (Part 3)

Now we're onto the new 81C timetables. This is an interesting one, and has by no means brought good news to the area. 
First say that they have been in contact with the Rame Bus Users Group, and that the new timetables are based on their ideas. True they have re-instated all journeys to go via Millbrook again. This is of course a good thing for people coming across the ferry, therefore not having to walk from Fourlanesend. Err wait. The buses leave 5 minutes before the ferry gets in. This is done throughout the day services not linking with the ferries until the 1403 departure. Did they not notice, or were not told that the Cremyll Ferry would be changing their timetables? Whosoever fault this was in communication, it doesn't seem to have many benefits for the users of this section of the route. This change at that time of the day will again have little benefit seeing as A-Line commence services not long after 2pm. First may only have 1-2 ferries that the passengers can effectively use, without the option of travelling with a far better timetabled 80. 

But its not all bad. Crafthole are having many services re-stated with 'lengthened' 81s now operating out to the surrounding villages. Services were only provided by Western Greyhound, with no available through linking to Plymouth. So this can really only be a positive and seems like a good move. Much better than the 'lengthened' 81Cs that were first proposed. 

So lets see the reaction to these new timetables! 

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