Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The battle continues

Go-Ahead and First continue to lock heads on the core routes of Plymouth. The latest battle is on the Western Corridor with Citybus targeting First's Ugobus 1/A and 3. 

This has been done by implementing route changes making the competing services nearly identical to First's. The 26 now runs to Barne Barton competing with the 3 via Devonport, and the 43A now runs to Saltash competing with the 1/A. Surely though this can't be a good desision by Citybus. If they were offering a quicker service to Barne Barton, effectively taking First's customers for that area, why change it? By extending the 43A to Saltash I doubt this will help that much seeing as the 1/A remains at a 10 minute frequency where as the 43A runs to a 20 min frequency. I would presume though that this will make very little change to volume of passengers on any of the routes in question and may simply cause confusion for Citybus' passengers in the coming weeks.  

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