Friday, 23 July 2010

Just around the corner...

25th July 2009 074
Originally uploaded by bristolvrboy this year's annual Plymouth Hoe Bus Rally organised by WNPG. Its a single day event this year celebrating 25 years of WNPG. This year the event is being supported by Target Travel rather than FDC, which the group has been dis-associated with for a couple of years now. From what I can make out, it seems that it is only the Hoe Circular trips that will be on offer this year, rather than the more usual several full length routes operating in and around the city.

The event will be this Sunday, opening from 10 o'clock onwards. If you can though its advisable to get there half an hour early to get some better shots of the vehicles arriving at the rally. It is said that there should be some 60 vehicles on display this year, a very good turnout. Hopefully the weather will hold out this year, unlike the wetter Sunday of last July, after a glorious Saturday. I feared I wouldn't make the rally this year, due to my summer job I've taken on, but luckily the boss has allowed me the day off! See you all on Sunday!

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