Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Visit to Mutley Plain

Ok this isn't strictly transport related but today I popped up to Mutley Plain - the sight of the Devon Air Ambulance's Plymouth Branch where Radio Presenters David Sheppard and Jo Loosemore are currently 'living' until they raise £2000 for the charity. They are therefore locked in the shop for 'however' long it takes for them to make this amount of money. Of course many of you will have heard me mention Dave before as he is 'one of us' in the fact he is a bus preservationist. As the picture illustrates I even managed to get a signed photograph of Dave while I was there. Of course him trying to present a radio program while other people are talking to him is pretty much impossible! For the keen eyed of you, you may have spotter he has signed it "To HJN" my nickname for obvious links to the Torpoint Olympians, and his being "KTA" simply because he owns both 270 and 275 KTA.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please click on the link below or pop into the shop at any of the locations in Devon. The current total stands at £900 to they desperately need your support if they're going to be let out anytime soon.

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