Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The updated Google maps!

Now I know Plymothian Transit has reported on this already but I've tried to add a bit of my own twist to this story! 

So here are a few snap shots of various places you'll recognise in Devon and Cornwall. What is nice about this new feature on Google maps is that really its frozen time, these pictures are in many ways already a world from the past. 

The top photo you will recognise as Torpoint depot, but sitting outside is C412 HJN of course no longer with us. Pictured next to her is K802 ORL which is of course still going, though it remains to be seen how long the K-ORLs will last at Torpoint. 

Next is simply a photo of a Trident, nothing too special. But the photo below again is something that no longer exists this being S529 RWP pictured in Royal Parade on a Sunday only working of the 81B (formerly 81A). Again something from a bygone era already.

And lastly is Newquay's Tolcarne depot which is now of course shut, but this shows the depot still in use. Again another feature of this is G909 TWS the only G-TWS Olympians that has managed to escape First Group. Of course the rest of the G-TWSs are now in storage and many will likely be scrapped in the near future.

Now for a little challenge. Excluding Jamie Limb can you find C413 HJN? So its not completey impossible I'll give you the clue that she is on the Cornish side of the water on an 81C! I will publish the answer to this on Thursday so get hunting! 

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