Thursday, 11 March 2010

There has been further news recently on problems with the Voyagers on the stretch of line between Newton Abbot and Exeter St Davids, often classed as simply 'Dawlish'. 

Of course ever since the Voyager's introduction there have been problems with sea water getting into the electrics and causing the units to break down, causing many delays along the route. CrossCountry has now taken the decision to protect this from happening again by simply stopping services when the tides are high and winds are strong. Buses will then replace the trains along the stretch before people can carry on their journey either side. Of course the HSTs have never had a problem, and neither have 150s and 142s etc. But personally I wouldn't many to be on a lightweight Pacer in storm conditions going along this part of the route! 

Talking of buses replacing trains though, please be aware that there are engineering works going on this weekend between Plymouth at Exeter St Davids. This hour stretch of the line will be totally shut to all trains including the Paignton branch line. 

Following services will be in place:

Plymouth to Exeter St Davids
Exeter St Davids to Newton Abbot
Exeter St Davids to Paignton via Newton Abbot
Tiverton Parkway to Plymouth (fast service) 

These will run as near to the train timetables as possible though of course some journey times will be extended. This will be quite a major operations so no doubt there will be a lot of bus and coach action. Of course First like to try and cover most of it themselves, though I doubt that they'll have enough free to be able to take on all this by themselves unless some extras are brought down from other parts of the country. Of course First does now have its own Rail Replacement sector to respond to Rail Replacement whenever its needed, even on 'spur of the moment' situations. 

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