Saturday, 27 March 2010

FDC update

Firstly to some news just in - First Devon and Cornwall in Plymouth will be swapping 7 of the Volvo B7s these being: 69954
These 7 will be heading for Glasgow.

In exchange Plymouth will be getting its first 'proper' fleet of Enviros. Of course Ex-Truronian 44500 is at work in Plymouth now, but on the way are 7 'Mini' Enviro 200s on an '09' registration. These are due to be: 

Now all seems well and good, some lovely near new buses in exchange to some comparatively old B7s. Though instantly my thought was why do Glasgow want to get rid of their brand new buses? I suppose maybe its simply capacity issues, though it does strike me as somewhat odd that this wouldn't have been thought of before going ahead with new buses. So could we presume that Glasgow didn't like the Enviro 200, and more importantly, how will they fair in Plymouth! Personal thought - I'd rather have a B7! 

In other news it has been announced that First have won back the contract to run the Dartmouth Park and Ride service, which they will again take from the hands of Tally Ho on Sunday. If you remember, before the council though First was making the service too much of a 'commercial' route running through houses, rather than a pure Park and Ride service. Why did they give it back to First? Only reason I can think is simply a lower tender offer than Tally Ho, though recently they have seemed to be offering a better service than in previous years, with a much smarter livery, often using the more modern vehicles on the route such as the Darts and Solos.  Before anything was put on there including A reg coaches and all sorts! So lets see what First will make of it this time round! 


Anonymous said...

First Glasgow have a capacity issue, they have been swapping B7TLs with B7RLEs from South Yourkshire and now are swapping B7RLEs with FDC & FSA!

Laurence Mayhew said...

Ahh there we go then! Thanks for clearing that one up. Obviously the Enviros must have made quite an impact on parsonage in Glasgow. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I saw the first Mini Enviro operating the 6 In Plymouth today if thts any use, alongside the Ex-Truronian.