Sunday, 21 March 2010

Snap on Sunday

Today's snap on Sunday has come courtesy of Nathan Jenner. While spotting down in Truro yesterday he came across this Trident. Perfectly average looking, in fact I doubt I would have noticed simply because I never take any notice of Tridents but this is T802 LLC. Of course T802 was one of the 3 Tridents that was painted into the Mayflower Link livery just 3/4 years ago but now already it seems a thing of the past. I don't know if the other example is still painted in Mayflower Link but if it is then you better snap it up quick before its gone! 

Quite a shame really as I always liked the Mayflower Link, definitely one of the better route branding liveries not just locally but over the country and will be a shame to see disappear. The Mayflower Link Tridents did quite often stay on their own route as well. I know when they were first put into the livery they were seen all over the place but over the last couple of years it has been pretty constant. W reg Tridents seem to be the norm on the 93 now along with some of the older Olympians.  


Unknown said...

From memory is this the one that had a pretty severe accident?

Laurence Mayhew said...

Not quite the one that had the crash was 32812. She was stored in Barnstaple for quite a while but I believe she is now scrapped.