Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Cornwall fleet update

With thanks to Cornwall Correspondent Anthony I am able to bring a bit of an update on whats happening down south!

Firstly in what seems to be a reaction to my previous post on the Scania's being withdrawn, some of the K-LAE Leyland Olympians that have only been down here a very short time, are starting to be withdrawn and laid up in St Austell. Confirmed ones that have been withdrawn are K609 LAE, K613/7 LAE and K630 LAE. Other buses in there include D707/8 GHY along with E215/6 BTA.

As can been seen above, Cornwall has started to gain some R reg Volvo Olympians from First Somerset and Avon. These vehicles previously were new to London and retain the 'bigger' destination blind space.

He also tells me that another Trident has joined the fleet and is rumoured to be 32812 - the Trident that was involved in the crash on the 93 back in February.

MX06AEB - the solo Plaxton Primo is also now back in service after the accident last year near Redruth (?). This vehicle is now painted into Barbie 3 rather than the Green Trevithick Link livery.

So plenty of stuff to keep the enthusiasts interested down in Cornwall and in Anthony's words "A changing seen almost weekly down here".


Trev J said...

The primo, 57000 has been given to tavistock for their 89 service

Anonymous said...

and 32812 has been scrapped

Anonymous said...

32846 is bus parked at the back of camborne depot vor ex dartmouth liveried decker