Friday, 12 February 2010

Northern Belle is back!

The Cremyll Ferry - Northern Belle was put back into service for the first time this year this afternoon, with a chance to experience the improvements that have been made.

As you can see in the pictures she looks ever smart outside, with a couple of cosmetic changes such as the removal of the windscreen wiper, instead being replaced by an opening window. The other cosmetic change is on the stern where a canopy has been added on the back deck, specifically for smokers when it rains.

Inside there has been padding added to a majority of the seating inside the boat, along with the addition of a door to the stern - very much a welcome feature on the cold days! There has also been some more sound proofing added, to cover up the sometimes deafening Gardner engine!

I think you'll all agree she does look quite superb. You'd never think this boat was nearly 84 years old!

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